Its strange why I come across new ideas when I’m studying. Times when I feel the most hopeless. Times when I have the best arguments to defend the futility of life. Destruction gives birth to reform they say. They say the truth. Atleast in my case. 

Atleast in case of this blog I’ve begun. 

I have this feeling that this blog is a new journey, a new trapdoor to the Holy Grail. The problem is that all these trapdoors seem identical nowadays. An even graver problem is that I’ve now muddled up the definition of Holy Grail God sent me to Earth with. I’ve no idea why I’m actually making an effort to descend stairs to new dark depths every day, every week, climbing back wearied, unsure whether the stones I collected downstairs are diamonds or mere pebbles. It’s a feeling that kills you from within, keeps poking you at every turn. Believe me, it’s better to not have a dream than having a blurred dream that gets more opaque as days pass.
So why this blog then. This is essentially my second blog. The first one was a football specific one, one which I discontinued because of primarily two reasons. One, because it catered to a limited audience, and two, because I grew tired after a point because of its monotonicity. It ended up being another futile adventure, but it made me realise writing about the sport I love wasn’t my calling. Admiring art and being an artist are synonymous but disjoint for some. 

So why another blog, with a name synonymous to ‘La Jogo Bonito'(a nickname for football, I apologize) again. A blog because writing stuff makes my soul happy, and I try to make other souls happy as well. The name because I feel it’s a nice name and completely goes with my mood; I now have just marginally enough hope for the future to have the will to live on. Venting opinions makes going easier. 

Just a start, this. I’ll try to put in meaningful pieces henceforth. Keep reading and stay happy. 

Out for a stroll but will be back. 


7 thoughts on “Voilà. 

  1. Writing can definitely be therapeutic. I don’t think every blog post has to have some grand purpose or meaning. I am glad you are back to writing since it makes your soul happy. Congratulations & Best wishes on your new blog!

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