Life goes on.

A year ago I was this guy who had just passed school, about to enter college, a college they said was the best you’ll get. A year on, it all seems like a fluke.

I never really had an idea what college life meant. After 14 years of meeting the same people everyday, people you get used to calling friends, it wasn’t easy. But it had to happen, and even though I spent just a quarter of a day in college, the first few weeks were hard. I used to listen to my favourite tunes of that period on the way back from college by metro, every day. Now I can’t listen to those songs without being reminded of those days. And the year that followed. And the fact that college reopens in under a month.

It gets better as you get to know people, which I have, and I’m glad they are people I can count on. The rest of them, they are just people I gotta meet at work. And I’ve thought this out in the past semester; you can’t be friends with everybody you meet, and you can’t definitely be upset over it.

I’ve started watching Narcos, and my internship is going fine. It’s a comfortable life right now, but it gets sick at night, every single day. That’s the time when I remember these days are counted. In a month or so, I’ll be on the morning metro, earphones tucked into my ears, sweaty people all around. I’ll be entering that same building where I hardly know the people I speak to.

Two months from now I’ll be in another freshers’ party, wondering about taking a drink, just like last year. I’ll probably opt for pizza, again.

But life does go on.


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